When I awoke in the night, I wondered what it was that smelled burned.  Then I remembered the smoke.  Woke up this morning to discover that even with the windows closed the air reeked of smoke.  In the workroom, where I had left the windows open, it was dreadful.  There are several major fires burning east of the mountains, and sustained high winds have blown the awfulness our way.  You can see in the photo how dense the air is here.  With the wind dying down, we're looking at record high temperatures tomorrow but we'll not be able to open the windows. I can't even imagine what the air is like for those of you who live closer to the blazes, and I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

Thanks to all of you who were so supportive in your comments about yesterday's blip.  I spent the morning looking up terms from yesterday's test results to try to understand what is wrong with my heart.  It's still pretty fuzzy..  But I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and she will make a referral to a cardiologist.  I spent the rest of the day trying to find a new primary care doctor within the UW system, so my access to physicians won't be limited by my insurance, but there are few who seem like a good fit and who are also taking new patients.  The one who looks most promising has no appointments open until late November.  So I won't be able to start with a new cardiologist who is at UW, although that's what I hope for in the near future.  Grrr.  Universal health care is very long overdue!

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