By strawhouse

Good Hair Day

Miss E had her first proper haircut today. It went well!
She’s always gone to a children’s hairdressers in Milton Keynes which had chairs shaped like cars, video games and films to watch, and lollipops to eat afterwards. But she wanted something a bit more grown up so I booked her an appointment this afternoon at my hairdressers in town. I was nervous that she might find it a bit overwhelming especially as we weren’t allowed to go in with her (not that we would have gone in and sat with her, taking photos. That would be weird and embarrassing!) and had to drop her off at the door with all the people in gloves and visors and masks. It was like dropping her off for an operation!!
She LOVED it! Got the “ghost layers” she wanted, and had a lovely chat with the woman about Norway!!
Last year, because obviously she hadn’t been anywhere nice on her holidays this year!!!!
Her face when she got in!! She was so happy and so bouncy! Almost like she’d just stepped out of the salon.....
We left Miss E looking at hairstyles this morning and headed off to Worcestershire to drop Penny off with the dealer. Mr K was nervous about the exhaust blowing up at speed on the motorway so we went the back way through Banbury and Stratford. It was lovely. Although painfully slow! I was in my car and he was following in Penny and it was such an effort not to zoom off!
It was more straightforward than I thought dropping her off. The guy is selling her for us which hopefully won’t take too long as he says they’ve been crazy busy recently.
As it was only 1030 we treated ourselves to a sausage and egg McMuffin before heading into Stratford for a lovely mooch around the river and Shakespeare’s church. It was gorgeous, so sunny and pretty everywhere. I took loads of photos but my happy Miss E had to be my Blip today.
We were there for a couple of hours and then headed home. Full of plans to come back soon. As usual!
After the hairdressers it was quiche and salad for me and Mr K, dough balls for Miss E, and Live, Die, Repeat which is fab. Miss L is still at her sleepover which has turned into a weekend away.

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