By AnneILM60

Black Widow & her two egg sacks

Took this picture of Ms Black Widow & her two egg sacks just before I took the spider killer and sprayed her good and then sprayed her good again.

Tomorrow morning, once things have dried from being sprayed I will clean this to ensure all the egg sack remnants are gone. Don’t care that it was outside, it was attached to the house and that’s too close for me.

I finished my research for my mother and was able to tell her what butterflies were found in Westray in number and the ones that were found but in lesser numbers. Thanks to technology that puts you in touch with people all over the world I was able to reach out and find the right people to ask questions of and they were able to direct me to links for resources.

Today for church we watched Stake Conference virtually where our Stake President (President Glew) was released and a new President was called along with his new councilors. The new President is Brian Pace whom I have known for years and have played pranks on when at adult leadership camp for Scouts! One of his councilors went to high school with my sister and they went to a formal together their senior year. They are going to be a great group of men to lead our local congregations!

I had put BBQ ribs in the crockpot, first thing this morning, using my favourite recipe. Lunch was yummy and there’s enough for lunch tomorrow. Awesome. Yay.

Of course I got a bit of Christmas bauble bead weaving in but I spent the majority of my time with the research on butterflies and researching a couple of things for myself. Just a quiet day.

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other XX

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