Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Full Frontal Hummie

It is usually an accident when I get the full frontal view of a hummingbird in flight.  It was certainly the case today.  There was only one juvenile female hummer around this morning and she was busy at the feeders and flowers.  She was between a feeder and a bunch of flowers when I snapped this in the garden.  The head is a little soft but the tiny feet and belly feathers are in focus - what happens when you are really, really close.  Figured I'd better blip hummers while I still can as they are moving out of the area now.

And for an "awwww" image, check out Extra featuring the last Northern Cardinal fledgling of this season, still being fed by mom.  

I was hoping to get out in the kayak today but while the temps were perfect, it was do darned windy that I was worried about getting it off and on my car rack.  So, hopefully tomorrow.  Instead, I spent some time pottering around out in our garden.  My New England Asters are getting ready to bloom  which will be an explosion of color, and lots of happy pollinators.  

Seven monarch cats steadily eating in the nursery.  I am bringing them into the garage at night now to prevent the cooler temps from slowing them down.  I need them to eat and pupate quickly as they need to be out of hear by second week in October latest.  

I keep checking the news from the west coast - the wild fires are still raging and millions of acres have been completely burned to the ground, including people's homes and who knows how much wildlife and livestock.  The numbers of people missing and assumed dead increases daily.  It really is horrific.  And we've got a president who insists that the fires are the fault of the (Democratic) governors not doing "forest management".  What utter crap.  It makes me livid the way everything is distilled down to politics, and the way the science of climate change is completely ignored.  Heat, drought, winds and a late summer snow storm..

It seems like a good time to remind loving.


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