By dfb24


Thanks to Mary for hosting TinyTuesdays this month, and for her theme of rings or earrings. Jennie popped over to our house on the lunch break from she and Mae's online classes to borrow our vacuum cleaner. Seeing Mae had her "sparkly" earrings on I asked if I could blip them and got an "Of course!" from Mae, so here's the left one. 
 I watered down the lawn today and spread the weed & feed that I'd bought a couple of months ago. Tom usually does it in the spring but understandably didn't do it this year, & since I was never "in charge" of lawn care, I had no clue it should have been done until I was complaining about the huge number of weeds in our lawn this year. That's when I found out, so I bought some....only to be told by Tom that it can only be done in Spring or in Fall, and you have to choose a day when there won't be any rain for several days, so today looked like the best bet. I feel so accomplished--doesn't take much! LOL. 
I'd bought Mae some water shoes a couple of weeks ago, as the last time I took her to the beach to play, her shoes got sopped. Since today is sunny and gorgeous with temps in the high 70's, when they stopped over I asked Mae if she wanted to try out the new water shoes after classes today, which of course she did, so I'll run over and pick her up after my walk. It'll be fun! :))

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