By Freyjad

...... All alone......

... for a short while at least, what a huge expanse of land the moor is;  strange that some moors are covered in brightly coloured Heathers at this time of year while here there's no trace of it at all.  In winter if you're lucky you can see the White Mountain Hare but although I've often seen the Brown Hare, I've never seen a white one.

We finally got out land line sorted out today, over the years our service provider has sent numerous engineers who in retrospect seem to have just done what was needed to get the line working again  -  but only ever for a very short time.  This time we had someone a friend recommended and he's pulled out the old and put in new -  hopefully this should be good for a few years now.

Thank you for the lovely comments and stars, they're all very much appreciated.

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