By Bom

Dig, HouseParty, Extinction

The title sums up my day, starting with more digging. I got a bit stuck at one point trying to get out a large stone about 8 inch square which was a foot down, and in trying to lift it I cut my finger so had to give up after that. I then had a lovely catch up with two of my sisters on HouseParty. This afternoon I watched Extinction: The Facts with David Attenborough on iPlayer - a worrying watch. I then watched an episode of the wonderful Mindful Escapes on iPlayer. If you love the natural world, great cinematography, just a little music, no narration and a few words at times on mindfulness, then sit down with a cuppa and no distractions for half an hour and enjoy, I thoroughly recommend it. 

Day 189 / Full Day 181 of Lockdown / Day 7 of Rule of Six (for my record only)
UK deaths up 18 to 41,777 (revised basis), with new daily cases up by 3,899 and 1,081 patients in hospital. Globally cases to date pass 31m, up 1m in 3 days. In England from 28th Sept people will be required to self-isolate by law if they test positive or are contacted by Test & Trace. Failure to comply fines start at £1k, rising to £10k for those repeatedly offending or behaving in a way that causes the most harm (I hope this doesn't backfire with people not passing their contacts on to T&T). A few exemptions apply. The balance to the fines is Test and Trace Support where people on a low income can claim a £500 lump sum if they have to self-isolate and can't work from home - local authorities must have this in place by 12th Oct and backdate claims from 28th Sept. Business owners who threaten self-isolating staff with redundancy will be fined up to £10k. There will be more on-going contact by T&T, Police will undertake some checks and the worst offenders can be prosecuted. All new care home residents discharged from hospital must now be isolated for 14 days regardless of their test result. The attorney general has said that in Eng & Wales there have been 19.000 fines for breaches of coronavirus laws issued to date, but less than half have been paid. 

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