Val's rose in full bloom

Val's rose is a long term fixture in my yarden. It's looking great at the moment with one flower in full bloom and some other buds about to pop out.

I spent more time in the back garden (rather than the front) this afternoon. I focused on weeding while keeping an eye on (my hero) Mr hazelh. He laboured hard to make a 'shed pit' for me: see the extra.

If you check my blip of 21st August, you can see the amount of soil that Mr hazelh has shovelled today. When Paddy and Caitlin called in after work this afternoon they were as impressed as me by their uncle's efforts.

By the way, the cable in the extra is the one that caused us so much grief when we returned from our holiday.

Today I also worked on my secret recreational project and rode my exercise bike.

Exercise today: 50 minutes on the exercise bike; gardening.

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