Brian's Bits

By Kanyl


Up/down to two.
Some time ago a Farcebook contact,  not 100 miles away was bemoaning her inability to find a Sansevieria locally.  As luck would have it I'd seen a couple in town recently.  I promptly bought "one"; a pot containing three.
These were duly split into three pots; undocumented. : ¬ (
I traced Blipwise back to here, so the division was prior to that date.
I've since traced it back to November 27th where it's seen already split as it's one in a pot.
Why up/down to two?
The number of pots is down to two, Linda being chuffed to receive hers which by then had two pups.
The number of Sansevieria to the pot, however has gone up to two, hence the up/down.

The left hand pot had them all in and the Mother-in-law's tongue was forcing the pot elliptical; so I used it for the Schlumbergeras I liberated, with permission to add to the red one(s) I already have. 

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