By Viewpoint


I always think of these kinds of images as `Paul the Weatherman’ photos, though I don’t send them in.  I stopped at the top of Hand Lane and only had my phone with me, but thought it might be my only chance of a photo.  As it turned out the light on the garden later in the afternoon drew me out with my Olympus.

Some more jobs ticked off my list and extra ones that I didn’t expect, like a letter from a credit card company saying Ann’s direct debit had been cancelled (due to closing her bank account).  I know Ann used to use that particular credit card in the past but I can’t find any evidence of a card or record of payments being made recently - it all adds up to extra work and things to think about!

I did manage to pack up Ann’s cross for her god daughter, but the post office was closed and order glass for my greenhouse - in stock and Merv will fit it on Monday.  I didn’t manage to work out exactly what shade of blue my car is - the sticker inside the door doesn’t seem to match the instructions on the website.  (Not too urgent as the bumper won’t rust.). One to sort out later.  

I didn’t have such a good night so was falling asleep after I’d eaten and while the news was on (actually the best thing to do with our news at the moment).  Though I’m writing this on the following morning after a much better nights sleep.  It always helps.

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