Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Still running a day or two behind myself, but the catch-up is underway...

A brief timeline (trust me, this is the brief version!):
On 1st March an out-of-control car smashed into mine and my car, but thankfully not me, was written off. Because the driver of that car was uninsured it took two or three weeks for my insurance company to settle the claim, by which time we were in lockdown.
On 17th July I signed an agreement to buy a new car and paid a deposit on the same. Delivery was agreed as two-to-three weeks and therefore I expected to get delivery at some point during the first week of August.
(At this point I'll skip the part of this saga that would merely confirm the stereotype of untrustworthy car salespeople.)
On Thursday 24th September (i.e. today) I collected my new car. And very nice it is too, although my feelings at this milestone were more those of relief than excitement.

Took it for a wee hurl out to Beecraigs Country Park, where I had a much-needed walk after a frustrating few days. Photos were taken. Today's main Blip is of the pontoon on Beecraigs Loch, and I have added an extra taken at another point on the path around the Loch.

Felt better after that little stroll than I had been for a while, although when I reached the car park I forgot to stop the app on my phone that was recording my walk and realised when I arrived home that I had 'walked' 24 kilometres at a rate of 12km per hour, much of it along the M9. Oops!

A bit of light reading ahead as the car user manual I downloaded from the manufacturer's website is 668 pages, while the manual for the navigation console system is 232 pages. Another day, perhaps.

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