By Bom

Stained Glass Dragonfly

This is a stained glass dragonfly that I bought a few weeks ago and that will sit on a spike in my wild garden next year. I made great progress in the garden today. Whilst I was watering every day the bit of the old graveled area I was to dig next, clearly what it needed was two days of continuous heavy rain! Still quite windy today, but nice and dry. Just watching the French Open, not the same given how cold and wet it is. 

Day 196 / Full Day 188 of Lockdown / Day 14 of Rule of Six (for my record only)
UK deaths up 17 to 41,988 (revised basis), with new daily cases up by 5.693 and with 1,727 patients in hospital. Last night cases to date globally passed 33m (up 1m in 3 days) and total global deaths to date passes the milestone 1m mark. Cases to date in India passes 6m. Three more counties in Wales are being put into a local lockdown, making that half of Welsh local authority areas. The NHS Covid-19 app has now been downloaded over 10m times which is really good and has been subject to a fix for the problem reported yesterday, so don't forget to update your version. Also more than 460,000 businesses have downloaded and printed QR codes that can be scanned by customers via the app to check-in. 

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