Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

How many green bottles?

The rain today has been steady, heavy and unrelenting. The sky is dark and we have lights on all over the house.

I braved the weather to transport boxes of apples to the village hall for the apple pressing. Every year, apple juice is produced from donations and then sold in the shop.

The team of three had a gazebo erected and were trying to do as much as possible in the "dry". They were soaked. I took a few record shots and I've added one so you can see the start of the process where the apples are crushed before being put into a juicer. Sterilisation happens in the village hall kitchen.

I loved the patterns I could see amongst the bottles.

That's about all really. We are planning a night hunkered down to watch some feel good TV.

There is no difficulty isolating on a day like this one.

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