Autumnal Leaves

It was much brighter today and dry – although the forecast had been for another day of rain.  The boys went to church.  I did some chores, hung my washing out, baked choc chip cookies and made a pot of spicy lentil and tomato soup for this week’s lunches.  I went out for a wee walk later morning and got home in time for lunch.  BB was just heading out for his first football game of the new season.  It was a home game and they won, which is a good start.
I headed out for another walk when he was at football, as my step count has been awful this week.  On my walk  I met a neighbour who was lost, or maybe not lost, but unsure of how to get back to town!  I couldn’t believe she had never been along the path we were on before.
Once home I had to go out again and do a shop, then it was home to make tea.  BB seemed to have homework to do, but wasn’t very keen on doing it. He got his cello out, but sat and looked at it!
Later I watched Us.
I liked that the orange and red leaves on this sycamore are viewed through the green and yellow leaves of the birches.

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