Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Deep in the Woods

I took in the woods this morning as I was expecting a delivery this afternoon. There was some nice light coming through the greenery but only the early signs of Autumn. There were quite a few shots I could have used but I like these trees standing on the earthworks of Castle Dyke.

The extra shows what I found in my package when it arrived. Fortunately this was after I'd taken out my new MacBook Pro so I've been fairly busy getting it all set up this afternoon. The old one is 5 years old so it's entitled to be getting a bit slow. 

One of the things that I originally liked about the old one was the magnetic attachment of the power lead even though it was on the wrong side of the computer. Trouble is since we've had the little cat, there's nothing he likes more than coming up on my lap and taking the lead out with his teeth, he knows it drives me mad! Thank goodness he can't do it with the new one.

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