Psalmist with a camera

By jellyfox

Fleet Street!

Friday morning 2:30am!!

This is just one of several diligent souls putting together the morning newspaper ready for collection by the vans, motorcyclists, barrows and cyclists who will arrive around 4:00am and whizz off through the suburbs on their delivery rounds.

The now sleeping residents of the city, can then awaken to the latest news and fashion trends portrayed in the accompanying glossy magazine, (which always comes with Friday papers) and plan their day of rest and recreation....oblivious of the frenetic activity we witnessed as we arrived home from the concert here!

All this happening on our street.....and at 2:30am. It was cold...really cold for here.

We must have been the first buyers!! and he was happy to be photographed but couldn't stop the production line to smile for the camera....some things just cannot be interrupted or the momentum gets lost!!!

There's a whole night life out there that is so unexplored!!!

Have to alter that!

Happy Blipping Everyone!

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