By Teasel

Blue Sky

TT was at work today, so left relatively early.  I had to make sure I did not go back to sleep  as I had to make sure BB got out of bed and to school.  He did, but I had a parent fail as we had run out of breakfast cereal and I didn’t know.  I managed to rustle something up for him, and he left in good time, by which time I was on my second load of washing.  I had a plan to meet a friend for a walk and a cuppa.  Another friend messaged me to ask if I wanted to go for a walk.  I invited her along with us, to which she accepted and let my other friend know.  She immediately freaked as it isn’t allowed – more than two households.  While I knew we couldn’t all go for a cuppa, I hadn’t given the walk any thought.  She was of course right and I had to choose a friend!  I went with the original plan.  It’s odd that two of us hadn’t even given that a thought in relation to the walk.
I had planned a longer walk than we did, but we had a pleasant river walk before heading to a local café to continue our blether.
We then went our separate ways.  I had some shopping to do and then picked up lunch.  BB was locked out, but only had to wait about ten minutes on me getting home with his very tasty lunch.
The chores were waiting on me, but at some point in the afternoon I sat down on our new sofa in the sunshine and did nothing, before I  went out for a walk.
Later we had a virtual curry evening with a group of friends, where we had all cooked the same three curries.
It was lovely to look up at this blue sky as I queued to get into the little card shop in town.

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