Cracked it!

It took three hours, a lot of unpicking and note writing but I finally finished the sleeve! I'm hoping that the second sleeve will be a breeze now that I have written out the full instructions for the increase rows! Fingers crossed.
I have been listening to audio books lately, using BorrowBox which has been a real treat as the radio is so full of doom and gloom or music I don't want to listen to. I've just finished Somebody I used to Know, an autobiography by Wendy Mitchell, who was diagnosed with onset dementia at 58. It is enlightening, inspiring and beautifully read. It is also full of amazing ideas for those that are either in that same position or know someone that is. I didn't find it at all depressing, having thought I might before listening.
Having had the new email from WW I'm still in a quandary as to whether to go with it or not. It appears I can join a zoom session at 10am tomorrow so maybe I'll give it a go. Watch this space!
Other thank cooking dinner my day was taken up mostly with knitting and a few walks round the garden. Barry spent the whole day out there, clearing leaves and tidying 'stuff' away that has been sitting on the patio since we moved in last year and had no better place to store it. It looks very different now. Saying that we still have much to do out there but we can see progress. Also the bee bombs are still looking glorious and adding some lovely colour to what is a very green space.

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