Latest project

I have made a start on my dress. It won't get too far this week as there is quite a lot going on. We had lunch club at the village hall today. 20+ of us get together once a fortnight and caterers bring in a lovely dinner and dessert. We get to sit and chat over a meal and coffee. It's the first one back since the pandemic started so it was well received. A great bargain at £6.50 a head! We have friends visiting tomorrow for lunch so I have been busy this afternoon making bread and soup and cake. Wednesday is matting which takes a big chunk of the afternoon, plus my walk there. Thursday I'm doing "ladies who lunch" with my two regular 'days out' friends. We're going to Langdon Beck as it is soon to change hands, the people there now are very nice so we wanted to meet there one last time before they go. Friday is the funeral of a lovely lady who recently died of a degenerative disease, way too young at 51. There will be a large local celebration of her life in the village hall to remember a loved lady who everyone remembers for her laugh. Then it will be Saturday and I'm on the teas and coffees rota this week. 
Village life is never dull!

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