By Dakers

A Trip In The Sun

As COVID-19 comes back with a vengeance we have decided to self-isolate ourselves, as have many of our friends.

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and we decided to take a drive in the countryside.

After filling the Cactus with hand sanitizer, face masks, and provisions we were ready for the off.

Today’s Bliofoto shows that we could have had an extra passenger. I found this little guy sniffing one of the tyres.

Our trip was via all the narrow country lanes of which we have many and where very few other cars venture.

We did encounter many tractors pulling massive trailers. It is very much the time of the potato harvest which is quite the speciality in the Kingdom.

I have certainly become very adept at driving the Cactus in reverse, especially that it has one of these reversing camera gizmos.

We had a good tour over some roads that I had not traversed in twenty years and we enjoyed the panoramic views over Central Scotland.

Not an opportunity for taking photos as we remained sealed in our Cactus "bubble".

Regarding the moth, I have no idea of the species.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for equalling Michael Schumacher’s record. And to MS’s son for a touching tribute.

As for the race, so much is in the hands of choosing tyres. It was pretty boring unless crashes are your thing. They are not mine.

Caninegalore has advised me that the moth is an Angel Shades Moth.

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