By Tryfan46

Len House -before

A trip to the dentist for a regular checkup and clean. Went well which is more than can be said for the rest of the experience in town.

One cafe, the one we prefer as it’s in a large atrium, had no jacket potatoes at 1.00pm as they’d only just arrived and wouldn’t be ready for an hour, the other had one potato left. We shared that with a sausage panini. Neither were very good not very warm.

Too many people now not being sufficiently aware. Three men went into the gents and came out without washing hands and we had to dodge many people who were walking phalanx like across a path. It was a real pleasure when people did give way to enable safe passage for both of us.

One the positive side I passed by this rather dilapidated Art Deco building known as Len House, as it’s alongside the River Len which has been formed into a pond here.

Latterly it was a car showroom. Fortunately, there are plans to restore it to it’s former glory and convert it into living accommodation, shops and eating places and add further accommodation. Whether this will happen under the current circumstances I’m not sure.

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