By carliewired

The Winking Man

One blue eye surveys
the downtown area as
we move about. 

~ carliewired

You might not think that installing a mural in a city could be so difficult. Well, it is. Our city has a by-law that governs murals on private or commercial properties. Any mural that could be viewed from a public place is subject to the by-law. Before a mural can be installed it must be reviewed by the art council and pre-approved by the city. 

Our downtown business association has been instrumental in establishing murals in our downtown area for several years. The number of murals in the downtown core has risen to thirty-two. The association has put out the call for more mural artists this year. 

I enjoy and appreciate these grand pieces of art. They are quite eclectic. Some retell our history. Some are just a feast for the eyes. They certainly brighten up our alleys and parking lots. 

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