By carliewired

Second Frost

A little more of 
white frosting this morning to
remind us it's fall

~ carliewired

I was up all too early again this morning. I had laundry done and was sipping my first coffee by 6. Just after 7 I looked out my windows to see some colour spreading across the eastern sky. I got myself out to my deck for the first shot of the day. 

I left the house just before 7:30 with the intention of watching sunrise at Tranquille. I was passing cars that had scraped windshields this morning. My car's dashboard registered an outside temperature of -1 C.Once on the road, I saw the signs indicating the route I would take was closed this week for some construction. I altered my plan to drive to Vantage Point on the river. 

The sun was already above the horizon when I walked down to the dock.
I was taking great care getting down the ramp as it is all metal. I wasn't sure if the treads were frosty, but they seemed dry and safe. I survived! I disturbed a little group of Canada geese. They paddled off towards the lake immediately. Reflections were beautiful and all was calm. Across the river the mist rolled along the sandy banks. I looked up to the pergola on the river's edge. Below it, a tree branch poked up from the river making its own art form in reflection. I managed to climb up from the dock on the ramp now very steep with the low river level. I heard a loon call on the river but I could not see it. My quilted heart was left on a frosty fence post along the Rivers Trail. 

On my trip home I dropped off the cheque for my new furnaces, then collected my breakfast. 

We are into a mostly cloudy day with a high of 13 C. 

Due to my early rising I think a nap will be in order. I have some lovely new fabric to play with today. 

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