By carliewired

A Sombre Morning

Damp with grey skies is 
to be the weather through the
weekend for us here

~ carliewired

I was up in the dark cutting fabric while I waited for the kettle to boil. My first coffee was 5:30. When the light came up I headed out for some groceries when the store opened at 7. I noticed the deck was wet but it was a calm 7 C. 

When I'd loaded my groceries I drove out to Tranquille to see what the pond looked like. I saw a solitary trumpeter swan fraternizing with some Canada geese. I understand that they mate for life, so I wondered if it had lost its mate. The Canada geese were forming up in the fields and taking off in groups making a lot of noise. You'd think that something that can be hunted might want to be quiet about it. The vegetation around Tranquille is looking faded and bedraggled. Nothing much is left of the wildflowers. I noticed some trees along the waterway have been cut and have fallen. Could that be the work of beavers? My surprise this morning was finding a 'hippie bus' camped near the pond. Smoke from its stove pipe drifted across the parking area. I left my quilted heart at the end of the Rivers Trail near Cinnamon Ridge. 

I was home with my drive thru breakfast and unpacking groceries before 10 AM.

In happier times, D and I would have left for Arizona on this date. 

I'm home to play with my fabric. It will be a very quiet day. 

We are expecting a mild, grey, showery weekend. Today's high is forecast to be 15 C. 

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