By carliewired

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

A quiet stretch of
road and a homocide can
leave one uneasy

~ carliewired

I was having my  first coffee before 5 this morning. The weather forecast was not very encouraging, but I waited until 7 to decide for myself. Sure enough, the skies were very dark and gloomy. I opted for more sleep so I rolled back into bed. 

By 10 AM I was beginning to see the clearing that was promised. I took my camera across the bridge to Mission Flats. I haven't visited that location since I encountered a crime scene there two weeks ago. 

I drove to the end of the road and stepped out of the car to a brisk, warm wind out of the east. It was already 14 C. The sun was peeking out of tight patches of clouds giving a spotlight effect on the landscape. The light moved about highlighting areas in turn. I watched the dog walkers along the far shore. There were many out today enjoying the river's sandbars. Gulls had arranged themselves along the edge of the river like a strand of pearls. The vegetation is dry and battered. The green of summer has given way to yellow, gold and brown. I looked down the Thompson River towards Kamloops Lake as the light played on different locations. I took my last shot looking across Rabbit Island to my mountains. 

I was home in time for lunch. I have a craving for stuffed peppers. My radio will keep me company while I cut more fabric. 

We can expect a high of 17 C today and a similar day again tomorrow. 

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