By carliewired

Rivers Trail North

Another grey start
to my day, light is feeble,
the sky is dismal

~ carliewired

I decided by 7 AM that there was no point in venturing out with my camera, so I got some more sleep. Although it was not very encouraging even at 9:30, I drove down to the Rivers Trail on the north shore. Sunday mornings are rather quiet. I would make the best of it. 

It was 11 C with a cold wind coming off the river towards me. The surface of the river was choppy with waves. It looked more like ocean than river this morning. On the far shore, the Canada geese arranged themselves in a row facing into the wind. They must have been paddling because they appeared to be standing still. Anyone on the Rivers Trail was well clothed for this chilly morning. 

I moved my little red bomber to a point further north in the Westmount area.I walked up on the dyke where I could get a good view of my mountains and the railway bridge. I noted how much the trees had changed in colour since I was last there. A lovely mallard and his lady floated downstream as I stood looking east. I found a huge collection of maple leaves along the fenceline as I walked back to my car. I was grateful to get back inside my car out of the wind. 

I'm home with the fabric as always. Dinner with my daughter this evening, should the gods allow. 

Our cloudy day is to continue. We can expect a high of 17 C today. 

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