My favourite time 
of day has matched my very
favourite colour

~ carliewired

I somehow managed to sleep in until 6 AM. If I knew how I did that, I would do it every day! 

We had been promised a mainly sunny day, but at 7 AM it didn't look all that promising. I decided I should pick up my breakfast, then head over the bridge to see if I could watch the sunrise from the pier in Riverside Park. Sunrise was slated for 7:30 this morning.

As I drove onto the north shore I noted my gas gauge was on the last bar. How much is left in the tank? How far can I go? I decided I should detour to Schubert Drive on the north shore to see if my prospects would be better and also closer to the gas station. I parked on the south end of Schubert Drive to watch and wait. Nothing! I assumed that was all I was going to get on this rather grey morning. I launched into plan C. I would pick up my breakfast, fill the tank, then proceed to the downtown. As I inched along in the drive-thru I caught sight of red streaks in the sky to the east. I snatched up breakfast and headed quickly to Schubert Drive once again. I found the first stretch that gave me a view to the river. Wow! Red sky, red river, red trees! When I had some shots of my mountains and the river, I noticed a beautiful mountain ash tree in fall colours. It was stunning in the backlight of the sunrise. 

Somehow in my exit this morning I had forgotten to tuck a quilted heart into my pocket. I will have to make amends tomorrow by releasing two. 

My kids will arrive this morning to have another go at my garage. What's been sorted can now be re-homed or removed. It will make room for my pickup truck to move in for the winter. It will be so nice not to have to scrape that windshield when I want to go out for my blip each day in the cold. 

The forecast offers a mainly sunny day with a high of 15 C. I'll take it! 

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