The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Teatime with the Souls of Stroud

Today was my day off. That must be why I had a Zoom class, a Zoom meeting, and another on Teams!

In between, I managed to do.some washing; nip out for a walk in the cemetery twenty yards from our house; and cook rice and and dhal for supper. I've probably forgotten a few other things I was supposed to do, but that is enough. I've negotiated for the evening meetings to be held on alternating days, so that they don't always fall on a Thursday.

The light was wonderful in the cemetery. This walk was the highlight of my day. I sat on a bench, gazing out over the valley. Other good things: the rats in our garden (which we've actually seen in daylight) have taken the bait. Last year a badger tried to take it. They've even taken the plastic bait trays from under the cabin. Maybe they're into recycling? I hope they don't die under the floorboards. That happened in my school in the 1970s. History and Geography are associated in my mind with the aroma of rotting rat corpses.

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