By Incredibish

Heddon River meets the Sea

Third in a few uploaded, two of them back blips, as I download and process several hundred images from a three days in Devon. So many shots and only one for each day... the others will inevitably end up on Flickr.

Difficult to select today's shot. As I said earlier I was experimenting with long exposures along with some ND filters. You can have too much of a good thing, and for some of the shots I've abandoned reality entirely...

This one is pretty much as seen (if you could really see a long exposure) and hand-held. As the River Heddon flows down to the sea it emerges onto the pebble (ok, boulder) beach and thence to the Bristol Channel. 

Do check out all three uploads and the rest on Flickr. It's been a fab few days, and Molly Camper behaved perfectly, but I am looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed.

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