By HeidiHH

New reality day 81

Another dark picture.

This is from the window ledge to the backyard with the lit greenhouse in the background. You can see my diy pots on the ledge.

It was freaking cold morning. It was +1°C The yard was frosty. It was wet very soon and no snow yet here, but apparently there's plenty in Lapland.

We've been working on the finishing touches. Still plenty to do, but also a lot done today.

I felt like a child starting school, because my husband and I cycled the route to work and back. I don't really like cycling and haven't practiced at all, so I know I will be sore tomorrow. Nearly all of the 6km going to work is downhill after the first elevation. So coming back it was climbing all the way, except for the last kilometer. I still have one week before I start, so I can do few rounds with the bike to get some strength to my cycling legs.

I also made pizza dough with the bread machine. It amounted to 2 pizzas, so I had salmon/tuna/feta/paprika/onion pizza and my husband salami/paprika/onion. It was so good that I ate the whole thing.

We've enjoyed sauna and now we are watching tv with the fire going. I feel so blessed and happy.

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