By HeidiHH

New reality day 82

I got a picture from my friend up in Oulu. Her garden is white, Yes. Snow. It's 500km up north to the western side of Finland.

I'm so glad we are still on the autumn side of year as you can see from my picture. That's a cycling selfie. My legs weren't shredded like I thought they would be. So another training to get used to cycling. Today we did a 18km sightseeing of local "attractions".

First we visited watchtower on the King's hill. Not close to our King's Spring. Then we continued to the Jaakon Hiidenkirnu in our neighboring province Kymenlaakso.

Hiidenkirnu is a funny word. In Finnish it's translated as Devil's churn. But when I looked up to the English equivalent I got multiple words:

"Of the various English terms meaning hiidenkirnu, "pothole" appears to be the most common in current usage. "Glacial pothole" is sometimes used to make a difference between large potholes dating back to the Ice Age and mere "fluvial potholes". "Giant kettle" was used in 1913 Webster's. Other terms include "moulin pothole" (Encyclopedia Britannica), "giant's kettle" and "giant's cauldron". The two last ones seem to appear mostly in Scandinavian texts and may be influenced by the local language terms."

We of course visited a remembrance from Ice Age, not a pothole on a road.

Niklas is coming for sauna this evening. He's back to work and back on night shifts again, so he wakes up around 6pm and will be here about 8pm and then we wish he leaves at 11pm, because we need to keep our schedule. But what can you do. Few hours is better than nothing. 

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