Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

As thick as Thieves

The Pine Siskins were back in large numbers today, to my delight.  I bundled up and spent an enjoyable few hours in their company.  The result being that you get yet another little brown bird.    Lucky you.  However, I purposefully selected a subject that had more of the yellow markings so you get a little side of yellow with your brown.

Pine Siskins are spooky little birds, quick to startled if a blue jay (or hawk) swoops in.  That said, they are remarkable unafraid of humans.  I cropped this image by about 10% and took it from a distance of a little over 3 feet, full frame.  At one point I went to refill one of the feeders and two of the siskins continued eating until I gave the feeder a little shake to dislodge them.  And, really, how fun is that?

I will try to blip something other than a siskin tomorrow, although I can't make any promises.  At some point, as quickly as they showed up, they will leave again and who knows when they might return.

I watched Governor Cuomo of NY's press briefing today.  I still try not to miss his briefings because I find him a calm voice in an increasingly turbulent ocean.  This week my stress/anxiety level has been very high which is disconcerting, to say the least.  Late yesterday, I felt almost as if I was going to combust (fi that makes any sense?)  The hairy edges of an anxiety attack, I suspect.  Gov Cuomo talked about Covid Fatigue which I think is very, very real.  We have all been living on what feels like a razer's edge for months with no real end in sight.  It is hard to remain at the human equivalent of Defcon 5 for so long without it taking a toll.

So, please, stay safe and sane.  And be kind to yourself and others.


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