Rattler in the Park

This is not quite the snake you would want to find by surprise...unless it was a metal sculpture like this. It's starting to get close to non-rattlesnake season.  They usually slither out of their burrows sometime in May when the earth begins to heat up. During the summer, they spend most of their time curled up in shady areas (when they aren't hunting) then slither back to where they came when the ground cools. As long as I see them first, I'm good.

I'm really trying to establish daily routines to help stabilize my bipolar disorder. I'm  getting up at the same time every morning but am still trying to keep a regular bedtime. Establishing the order and times for ordinary every day tasks is coming along.
I want to be able to make most days just a bit different so that they don't all blend together. For example, I know that I have an online appointment every Tuesday at 2:00 and Friday at noon. Once the Bills games are all on Sunday, that day will be set. Church is missed in that regard. I hope to figure out just one thing to make every day unique.  Suggestions are definitely  welcome.

A work in progress...

I thought this was hysterical:
"While things are starting to get worse again, the crazy thing is that the Trump administration is pretending that the crisis is over.[...] Rudy Giuliani, Trump's top lawyer and White House Halloween decoration, told a rally the other day that 'people don't die of this disease anymore,' which is easy for him to say. He's been dead for 12 years."
-Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

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