Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


For this week's MonoMonday I walked up to the City Road carfax which has some wonderfully reflective glass on one of its corners.  So there I was, kneeling on the pavement waiting for people to walk up behind me and hit the reflections as they passed (example in Extras), when I was photobombed by this splendidly suspicious face.  Well I don't blame her, I must have looked a right nutter.  Hilarious!

That was before breakfast (personally, I think I deserved more than fruit and yoghurt, but we'd run out of bread *sigh*).  After said fruit, I took Hazel for a short walk then went into town for said bread  ;-D  I am now waiting for a consultant to phone for my hospital 'appointment'.  There are only 22 minutes left of his 4 hour time slot, so that looks like it may go by the board, though I don't think it's really important any more.

Many thanks to Random_Angel for hosting this week's MonoMonday on the subject of 'Reflections'.

And have a great evening  xx

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