By Teasel

Bear Hunt

Went a bit mad this morning, did two loads of washing and hung it out.  I am eternally optimistic that the sun has to appear again sometime soon.   Alas the washing just hung in the gloom.  There wasn’t even the hint of a breeze.   The boys had gone to church so I pottered until later in the morning when I headed out for a paper.  I thought that the sun was going to break through – but I was wrong.
BB was playing football in Dunbar today, so we all headed there after lunch.  We dropped him off and went for an uninspiring wander.  We stopped at a massive garden centre as TT needed new gardening gloves.  There was so much Christmas tat, that we could hardly find the limited selection of gardening stuff.  We did eventually find gardening gloves so he made a purchase.  We got back to football and watched the last fifteen minutes or so.  They won again.  Three matches, three wins which is a good start for them, especially as back in the summer they weren’t sure they would have enough players for a team.  BB really enjoyed the game.  There are no rugby games yet and he is really missing that.
Once home I baked oaty chocolate chip cookies and a lemon drizzle cake – both were requested.  Then I made the smoked tofu stir fry which BB has been so looking forward to – not!  He scoffed it though, but did ask where the meat was.
Later I watched Roadkill.
We went on a bear hunt this afternoon, while BB was playing football.  This bear is by the same sculptor as the Kelpies.  The bear, which isn’t nearly as big as the kelpies, and is to honour John Muir.

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