Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Tiny Tuesday theme today is " HARD ".  So this morning I looked around for something hard.  I quickly noticed the heavy metal paperweight on my computer desk so my blip was sorted.  Took a few photos of it. Did a bit of tweaking on each one and then took ages to decide which one to blip .( even though they were all very similar )  That got me thinking about being a Gemini.  One of the traits is being indecisive - finding it hard to make decisions.  I do find that to be true. Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting.

Musical link -  GEMINI DREAM by The Moody Blues

Extra link as a tribute to Spencer Davis who died today aged 81

   Somebody Help Me - Spencer Davis Group

I went to The Metrocente this afternoon and met up with Neil.  Main reason was to give him the sausages which I won in a competition --- and to see him of course.  He had already had his lunch so we didn't go for a meal,  Decided on Costa coffee. Neil had hot chocolate topped with whipped cream ( which looked wonderful ) and a millionaire's shortbread.  I stuck to my slimming plan and had a cappuccino ( and counted the syns )  We had a nice catch up.  He's on holiday all week but his girlfriend has gone back to work. He's mainly running to fill in his time.

After coffee I did a bit of shopping in M &S, Poundland and Wilko.  None of those shops were busy and the Metrocentre itself was very quiet.  Buses weren't busy either. 

Steps today - 6,945

CORONA CLASSIC - "Andante Cantabile" from Florence Price's "String Quartet in a minor"

Another to commemorate Black History Month.   Florence Beatrice Price (1887 –1953) was an African-American classical composer, pianist, organist and music teacher. Price is noted as the first African-American woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer, and the first to have a composition played by a major orchestra.

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