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A nostalgic autumn in Crow Wood

My plan to walk this morning was scuppered by rain and the prospect of slippery paths. This afternoon I drove to Crow Wood at Newbrough. This is a favourite wood because I used to walk here often when I lived in the Allerwash house.

First I turned away from the wood and took the field path to St Peter's Church. There are wonderful gravestones and I've seen red squirrels here  (some years ago). After the short walk back to the car, I went into Crow Wood. 

The felling of nearby trees has allowed a lot of light into a previously dark space. I feared the worst, imagining that houses would be built there, but apparently the owner of the land will replant with British broad leaved trees. Hooray.

The Spectre app on my phone came in useful. This is a 9 second exposure of a tributary of the burn. I processed it in Snapseed and added a touch of glamour glow!

My extra is the end of a trail of fungi. They did not make a fairy ring, but they had a good try. They were snapped with the Sony A9. I like the way the toadstools are catching the falling leaves.

This afternoon I watched the play, Keene by Anchuli Felicia King performed in lock down by the Red Bull Theater. The actors were mainly in the USA but one was in the UK and some in Canada. It was an excellent reading of the play. I now need to watch the post show discussion to help me understand it!!

In other news, an old friend of ours, Margaret Hodgson, has died at the age of 103. She was living in a care home near her daughter. Margaret was a great character. She was very deaf but rarely wore her hearing aids. They were more likely to be whistling loudly in her handbag!! She was very determined and could be difficult. Mum knew just how to handle her and they got on well. She was a one-off.

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