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Witch crash

Should we call the ambulance?

This was our dilemma when Julie and I went walking today. We did a circular from Humshaugh via Lincoln Hill and back home via Chesters and the centre of Humshaugh village.

We saw no other ghostly beings on our route.

It was very good to be able to be together and chat.

The weather stayed fine despite the forecast.

Julie's phone said we had walked 4.7k  which is nearly 3 miles. In my head, it felt like 2 miles so I'm delighted because Arth was well behaved.

Tonight we watched the Bake Off. Do I want to start baking and make a caged tart? Perhaps not. I thought that Peter would be star baker with his imaginative pasties, his excellent eclairs and his rather brilliant tart, but the judges did not agree with me. I'm glad he is still in there.

PS Does anyone know which witch this is? I wondered if she is from a children's book or cartoon.

(We managed to drag the small witch from the verge and she was none the worse for her experience. I fear the one on the tree would not make it........We left her to the paramedics.)

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