By amandoAlentejo

Weather Predictions

Didn't do the washing yesterday because the weather app said it would rain; it was, instead, a perfect drying day. Today, no rain predicted, so I got the wash done early, pegged it out, and this happened. And carried on for a good while. So grateful, though - the Lake is still worryingly low, and so happy for our trees - you can just see the edge of our loquat on the right of the photo.

Went to Évora for the day, first time since before going to England in March for Julia's wedding. Main reason was to try to unblock the old iPhone Deb gave me, which has now been to England and back twice. Traipsed back and forth, and the women in our provider shop were so rude that I asked for the complaints book and wrote in it (first time I've done that). Others were more helpful, but seems, eventually, that we'll have to go to an Apple shop - nearest one, Lisbon. Frustrating.

Got back in the dark, washing still out, and out it will stay - maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and it'll dry - won't bother looking at the weather forecast to see.

- proper rain
- Julia getting back to normal health
- finding croissants and grapefruit for Sunday

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