By Bom


I met H at West Runton this morning to photograph the sunrise. It wasn't a red sunrise, but beautiful to witness nonetheless. It was only 7C so I got quite cold and it took me hours to warm up afterwards, I do seem to suffer from a faulty personal thermostat! It absolutely chucked it down with rain yesterday evening, nearly 1.5 inches per my rain gauge, and this afternoon I had to get about 4 inches out the bottom of the pond I'm creating. 

Day 224 / Day 12 of The 3 Tiers (for my record only)
UK deaths up 151 to 44,896 (revised basis), with a 19,790 rise in new daily cases, 7,850 patients in hospital and 743 in ventilator beds. Globally cases to date pass 43m, up 1m in 2 days. A Tory MP is calling for Dido Harding, the boss of NHS Test & Trace to resign - about time it's been raised, not least as an absolute fortune has been wasted on consultants who delivered a poor system that's never been fit for purpose and has never met its own targets. BMA research reveals that just under 6% of doctors surveyed thought the 3 Tier system would work to a significant extent. The row continues over not providing free school meals when kids are not at school during the pandemic. The Govt has provided an additional £63m to local authorities to support people who are struggling, but I believe as most people do that the Govt should be seen to support directly on this issue in Eng, as has happened in the devolved Nations. 

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