By KatesGardenPDX

And One More Dahlia!

OK, I think this really must be the very last dahlia....I found it hidden in the front perennial bed today. Perhaps not quite as showy as yesterday's (and many during the season) but what fun to find one this late in October! And perhaps one last rose as an extra. 

Tonight is forecast to be 29F - a bit "warmer" than the original 26F, but with no wind. Last night we had a blustery breeze going on, so no frost this morning, despite the cold temps. But who knows...I might be totally surprised in the am! I might be posting pictures of frost, or of the flowers that survived. Nature is quite marvelous, isn't she? And what a distraction from current events!

I spent the afternoon happily playing with the grandchildren in my co-grandmother's clothing warehouse. The sun was shining in through the glass garage doors and despite the cold day it was lovely inside. We chased each other around, and built legos and played rocket ships, ate snacks and laughed! 

I hope you've all had marvelous weekends. I'm so grateful for all of your lovely comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's garden survivors. I'll be checking in on journals and comments later on tonight!

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