By KatesGardenPDX

More Rain

There was plenty of rain today, but a few breaks here and there. My daughter-in-law is going to beauty school and is learning about hair and skin. I went over to her school today for a facial (which was very inexpensive since she's a student) and she did a fabulous job. It felt very safe - the school has set it up well, Covid wise. 

I spent the afternoon in meetings and working on the botanical garden, along with a Zumba class. I managed to escape outside during a break in the weather and rather than post the lovely dahlia that's still blooming, I thought that this heat ravaged native Vine Maple told an interesting story. It got badly burned during "the heat dome" when we had three days of terrible heat. What's not burned is now a gorgeous red - here silhouetted against the firs in the background. Hopefully we won't have heat like that ever again.

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