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These yew berries are poisonous. When you squeeze, a berry dribbles out, looking for all the world like a pomegranate seed. I’m surprised there are not more reports of poisoning.

Apparently the flesh is edible but you must remember to spit out the seed! Best NOT!

It was my physio appointment this morning. I decided that phone physio was not working for Arth, so I booked to see a former work colleague who has her own business. How I wish I had gone sooner, but that’s another story.

She was right onto the problem and spent a long time working on the “soft” tissue around the patella to break up adhesions. Wow! I have exercises and massage to do. There’s lots of work ahead, but I feel much more positive.

I still managed a short walk later. The yew tree is in the drive of the vicarage and the berries look splendid.

Aggie: How are you doing Arth?
Arth: It was absolutely amazing. The physio massaged me for 45 minutes. She listened to what is wrong. I think I’m in love.....
Aggie: you never were one for understatement, were you?!

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