By Teasel

Free Gardeners

A very quiet day.  The weather was wet and wild this morning.  I didn’t leave the house.  I read my book, watched cookery on TV and made some progress with my jigsaw.  The boys went out for haircuts.  In BB’s case this was a long overdue haircut.
The weather did calm down later, so TT headed out to do some garden tidying and did his back in again.  I went for a  walk while it was dry.  When I got back I had to head out again to the supermarket as TT wanted a few things for tea, but was unable to get their under his own steam.  I persuaded BB to come with me to help me carry a bag home.  Surprisingly he came quite willingly.  We got back to find TT had hit the wine – for medicinal purposes!  He was able to shuffle around the house and was quite happy to cook tea.  He cooked a lovely tagine which we all enjoyed. While he was cooking I finished the jigsaw.  I was pleased to finally slot the last green bit in. 
Later TT hit the whisky and we watched more of Spiral – although I was dozing off.
A sculptured stone has been erected as part of a new housing development.  Its theme is the Free Gardeners, the fraternal society which was founded in the town in 1676 and grew to have lodges all over the country.  There are a number of images on the stone, but the compass, set square and pruning knife reflect those on The Gardeners Arms.

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