By Teasel

Autumn Leaves

I needed the extra hour, having not slept well I eventually did sleep making use of the extra hour and was still up in good time to do the chores I have ignored over the  past few days.  It was a lovely day, so the washing machine was working overtime.  I made a pot of soup and did a big supermarket shop.  BB was off doing his garden volunteering and TT was being careful with his back and mostly spent the day catching up with work.
I dropped BB at football and then headed for a walk while the sun was still shining.  His team drew today, but at least they are still unbeaten.
TT took a break from work and cooked a roast chicken dinner, one of BB’s favourites.  Later I watched Roadkill.
It’s back to work for me tomorrow, so I enjoyed what may be my last look for a while at the magnificent trees in their autumn colours  at Lennoxlove this afternoon.

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