By Teasel


Back to work for me today.  TT was heading into the office – even with his dodgy back, which he claims has eased off significantly.  I went out for a  walk round and about before I sat down and logged on to my laptop.  I spent the day trying to work my way through the emails of the past week – which is always a real drag.  I also got the very sad news that a colleague died last week.  I couldn’t believe it.  Such a lovely guy, so very sad.
I was just about to head out for my lunchtime walk when we had a very heavy rain shower.  I decided I would feed BB  in the hope that it would blow over.  It did blow over and I walked around and about, but in a different direction to this morning.
The afternoon was mostly spent on calls, meaning I stayed online longer than I had hoped just to get through the email back log.  TT arrived home in one piece.  His back was stiff, but he coped.
BB had football training this evening which he enjoyed.  His rugby training has been suspended due to a case of COVID associated with the club. 
These steps lead to the former railway station, which is now a small industrial estate.

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