By Teasel

Wax Caps

Last day of my holiday.  I sorted out a load of washing and hung it out, then nipped back to bed to read my book.  Once the second load was done, I hung it out and eventually dragged myself out for a run.  It was really windy first thing, but had eased off a bit  which made my run a wee bit easier.  Although I felt weary and my legs hadn’t much energy, I plodded round 5.5 miles and it was really lovely when I was running in the sunshine.  I got home in time to hang out a third load and to put on a fourth load of washing!  Meanwhile BB had gone off to help at mini rugby and TT was at church.
After lunch, BB was playing in a football match.  Once I had hung out my fourth load of washing (and taken in the dry stuff), I went out for a walk in the sunshine.  Everything was looking very autumnal .  I came home via the supermarket to pick up things for tea.  It was a bit of a mix and match of things, to use up TT’s tomatoes.   Thankfully it went down well.
Later I tried to catch up on Ridley Road, but the iPlayer let me down.
We have an assortment of toadstools appearing on our front lawn.  These are wax caps I think.

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