A time for everything

By turnx3

Hairy woodpecker

Another gloomy day, but contrary to the forecast it did stay dry. The morning was spent at home, doing jobs and some knitting. In the afternoon we had booked a slot at LA Fitness to swim. We both had a good swim, completing 60 lengths - at least I thought I’d done 60, but according to my Fitbit Charge 3 it reckoned I’d done 62! Later in the afternoon I got about an hours piano practice in - second day running, let’s hope I can keep it up! Hoping for a few glimpses of sun tomorrow, then rain is back in the forecast for Thursday.
My blip is of a Hairy woodpecker at the feeder this morning. We have two woodpeckers which are very similar to each other, the Hairy and the Downy - at a quick glance it’s hard to tell them apart. However there are some differences. The main thing is their size - the Hairy is quite a bit bigger. The Hairy’s beak is much longer than the Downy, which is more dainty. The outer tail feathers of the Hairy are solid white, while the Downy’s are spotted. Also, as you’d can see in my blip, the red patch of the male Hairy is often split in two, whereas the Downy’s is not.
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’re having a good week!

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