Gliding Along

in the watery reflections :)

Took a trip back to where I lived before today.  I went to see an ex neighbour as her cat recently passed away, and I thought she'd like some photos I had of Miss Katie.  She loved them, I'm so glad I thought of it...

Then I've been a bit naughty and bought some 'home' items from Dunelm and B&Q.  

After a brief walk along the canal I also popped to Sainsburys and bought some food, but also a couple of warm jumpers :)

Now I'm home I'm quite exhausted!

Tomorrow I will be logging onto my office laptop for the first time in six months before our team meeting, as I need to confirm everything works.  I've a feeling it will go wrong...

Dinner was a naughty pizza and cake :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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