Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


The Black-capped chickadees are here almost all year, except for a brief time after they fledge their young when they all disappear.  This winter, we seem to have at least 4 in residence, each cuter than the next.  For me, they are difficult birds to photograph due to the sharp contrast on their faces.  It's hard to get the whites properly exposed without "losing" the eyes.  Anyway, I liked the way this one came out, especially with the autumnal colors in the background (thanks to a couple of trees that are a beautiful shade of dark orange).  

In spite of a steady drizzle, I met up with two birder friends for a lovely 2 mile walk this morning.  It was cold, it was wet, and yet we still managed to spot 38 species of birds and one black bear (Extra) who ambled across the trail as we were headed back towards our cars.  It was a really enjoyable morning and gave me some much-needed nature therapy.  Because of the crappy weather, we only saw one other person on the trail (unmasked, but able to stay about 10 feet away).  

There is still a red-breasted nuthatch making quick sorties to the feeders in our yard - and I've been unsuccessful in getting a decent photo.  Tomorrow I will spend some time in the hide and hopefully bag my shot.  

Chicken and delicata squash for dinner tonight - comfort food.  Going to stay away from the news - no sense ruining the zen from today.  

Stay safe, be smart.


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